The Switch to Word Press and Jill’s Quill

Aunt Catfish’s in Port Orange, FL

I took the summer off to explore my writing career and make some serious changes to my website. You may not notice much that’s different but because I wanted to invent a journal within my website, Jill’s Quill, the folks at Jones House Creative suggested that this may be the time to switch over from Blogger to Word Press. This was a substantial financial investment because I had a new page established for Jill’s Quill and my website, which was originally created in Blogger, had to be reconstructed in Word Press.  Thankfully, I’d had some experience blogging at the WordServe WaterCooler, which makes this a little less daunting for me.

There is so much happening in the world of publishing that I decided to focus on my family (that’s me, daughters Katie and Meghan and hubby Randy in the above photo) this past summer and really take some time to think about where I want to go with my writing. It was worth every minute. I felt that I’d spent time in recovery mode and will be writing about that in the November issue of the Christian Fiction Online Magazine in The Well Writer column.

I hope you will visit my new page at Jill’s Quill where I will be spending most of my time exploring, searching, trying to understand some of the day to day experiences of life. This will be a conversation you can easily join that won’t be time consuming. When I want to expand on any particular topic I’ll do a traditional blog post here. But writers write and sometimes it’s far too easy to slip into unproductive time when I hoped that I’d be creating many new pages written for my next series, yet uncontracted and possibly will be self-published.

I am also blogging at the Christian Fiction Historical Society that 29th of each month. Here are the links to each of my blog posts you may have missed. Enjoy! What did you do this summer?


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