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If you’re writing, I hope you’re writing your passion. I don’t think I really knew what my passion was for a very long time. I thought I did, but it became clearer over time that what I wanted to write was exactly what I think God wanted me to write. I was drawn to romance novels in my twenties, but it wasn’t until I’d had my first child at thirty-five that I got the bug to write. I joined Romance Writers of America and I started to study the craft while I raised my children.

I attended my first RWA Conference in 2001 in Washington, D.C. I loved it. I met lots of other writers, I’d written a complete manuscript by then and I’d started another. Then my family got blasted when my oldest child became ill at the age of eleven: Hope Through Trials.  Life changed but I persisted in my hopes to become a published author. I met a dear friend, Mae Nunn through RWA and Faith, Hope, and Love, Inc.
and she eventually introduced me to The American Christian Fiction Writers who at that time where The American Christian Romance Writers. I think I’ve attended at least seven conferences since that time which got me through some really difficult years. Here’s a picture from this years ACFW conference in St. Loius.

If you are struggling right now and have a desire to write I encourage you to find a way to write your passion. If you can’t afford to attend conferences maybe you can purchase on of the CD’s or MP3’s from a conference you’d like to attend. I buy the entire conference of ACFW every year and then I can listen to the workshops in the car as I drive to work. There are many ways to learn and a long the journey you just might find your passion. My first book. Secrets of the Heart, Book One, The Ravensmoore Chronicles can be found on this page My Books where you can read the first chapter, watch the video trailer, and read some of the reviews.

I discovered my passion which is writing novels for the Christian market. I write the books that I want to read. I’ve been blessed with mostly good reviews. The most current review by  Richard R. Blake encompassed what has become my passion. I hope you’ll read all my reviews because I love it that readers take the time to post these comments.

Part of my passion includes England, it’s history, landscape, and people.

The bottom line is Write Your Passion. It will take you places you never dreamed of and will help heal your heart. Are you writing your passion? How did you discover what it was?

6 thoughts on “Writing Your Passion

  1. Wow. I agree completely that you have to write what you’re passionate about. If you’re writing something that’s not then it can become a chore and ruin the whole writing experience that we love so much…

    I started writing fantasy as a child. Since then I’ve explored romance, sci-fi, thriller, chiller and horror. Out of all of them I love writing fantasy the most. I’ve just written a psychologial thriller that is due to be published end of the month on Kindle, and even though it was a great experience, I missed my fantasy world. I know now that I have been and always will be a fantasy writer at heart.

  2. Hi DRC!
    I’m so glad you have experimented enough with words and worlds to know where your passion blooms. So what was it about psychological thrillers that made you write one for Kindle? Was it a story that wouldn’t leave your brain? I think it’s interesting that your wrote fantasy as a child, don’t know many that do that at a young age. What was it that had you turn your passion in that specific direction?

    Thanks for stopping by and sharing your thoughts. Stop by and let me know when your thriller emerges.

  3. Jillian, I write what I like to read: inspirational historical romances. I’ve enjoyed such books since I was young, so that’s what I wrote when I embarked on my writing journey. Romance is my passion, or perhaps I should say love is. I enjoy seeing a couple discover the beauty and power of love, which is, as I see it, one of God’s greatest gifts.

  4. Hi Keli!
    IHR’s(inspirational historical romance) just makes me want to sigh. Do you remember what book it was that led you in this direction, Keli? Couples falling in love, it’s the best. Thanks for visiting today.

  5. I like including an element of suspense in my stories, but my passion isn’t to write mysteries. I write what I like to read, and that means stories involved in some way with purebred dogs and dog shows. I guess it makes sense since I’ve bred, raised, trained and shown dogs for over 35 years. The genre has evolved into inspirational romantic suspense but the dogs are still a major focus.

  6. Oh Carol, what fun! That could be a really huge draw for readers. I love watching the dog shows on tv. Do you have a favorite breed? Or is that too hard a question with so many awesome doggies out there?

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