A friend and colleague at the college where I work died today after a battle with a recent illness. We will miss Larry so much.  I read today’s devotional from Sarah Young’s, Jesus Calling, which started with this:

“When many things seem to be going wrong, trust Me. When your life feels increasingly out of control, thank Me. These are supernatural responses, and they can lift you above your circumstances. If you do what comes naturally in the face of difficulties, you may fall prey to negativism. Even a few complaints can set you on a path that is a downward spiral, by darkening your perspective and mind-set. With this attitude controlling you, complaints flow more and more readily from your mouth. Each one moves you steadily down the slippery spiral. The lower you go, the faster you slide; but it is still possible to apply brakes. Cry out to Me in My Name! Affirm your trust in Me, regardless of how you feel. Thank Me for everything, though this seems unnatural – even irrational. Gradually you will begin to ascend, recovering your lost ground.

And ended with this. 

When you are back on ground level, you can face your circumstances from a humble perspective. If you choose supernatural responses this time – trusting and thanking Me – you will experience My unfathomable Peace.”

Praying for supernatural peace for Larry’s family and his extended family at the college. If you are grieving today, I hope this helps a bit.



4 thoughts on “TODAY I’M SAD

  1. Jill, just know that you are thought of and I hope your saddness lifts and in its place, wonderfully pleasant memories come to mind.

  2. Thanks so much, Melanie. It’s all kind of surreal right now. None of us thought that his health was going to take such a swift downward spiral. And when you see someone for years at work each day, like Larry, and then they are gone, it’s hard to imagine the day-to-day routine without him.

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