Cincinnati and Books by the Banks

Yesterday I blogged about my weekend experience at The Cincinnati Book Festival here as it relates to Marketing. There’s even more though that doesn’t necessarily relate to marketing, but relates more to being human. If you want to read up on what was happening and who was there here’s a link, BBTB.

The first night we went to the author reception at The Mercantile Library. I’ve lived in Cincinnati for thirty one years and I had never been in that library. The library sits on the eleventh floor and you can get a pretty good idea from the link what it looks like. I wanted to curl up in one of the big chairs and read a book. Knowing that I was going to be at this huge event the next day I really had to push myself to socialize. I’m more introverted than extroverted so I have to make sure I get alone time to energize or power up.There wasn’t a big author turnout, but a lot of library people who worked hard to put this event together showed up.

My hubby and I were thrilled to get a chance to talk to Dennis Lehane who had come to the reception as well. But the weird thing about writers is that most of us seemed more interested in looking at our surroundings than talking to each other. I did pick Dennis’ brain for awhile and asked him to sign my copy of Shutter Island. He was a gentleman and willing to talk about what to expect at a big book signing, etc. But then I spent more time talking to the catering folks and a woman I didn’t know from my suburb who was providing transportation for a couple of the authors. I just felt very relaxed and enjoyed myself and spending time with hubby, without getting all freaked out about trying to fit in with the crowd or how stressful the next day might be.
The next day at the event was great. I was assigned to a table with Donna MacMeans, Redeeming the Rogue who is another author from Ohio Valley RWA. Then I met Regina Jeffers, The Phantom of Pemberley and then sitting next to me was Carrie Bebris, Deception at Lyme. All delightful women.
The crowd was wonderful and I had a wonderful time talking to everyone who stopped at our table. I hope to get some more pics of the event up on the blog soon. I think my main point here is to say that it’s just fun sharing your passion with others who, “get it.” 🙂 They all read and love books. Some write, some don’t, but in the end we all  have passion for words.
Do you remember the last book event you attended?

2 thoughts on “Cincinnati and Books by the Banks

  1. LOL – I do! It was Books by the Bank!

    You were a great table mate, Jillian. I thought you were brilliant asking everyone for book recommendations. I, on the other hand, tantalize with a feather (hehe). Looking forward to when we can sign together again.

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