Today I’m exhausted…

Today I’m exhausted. I couldn’t sleep last night. I tried several tricks like getting out of bed and reading something boring but then it turned out to be interesting and I woke up. Fully awake. And then I remembered I’d had regular tea instead of my decaffeinated. Ugh! It was at least ninety minutes later before I got back to sleep and then it seemed that the alarm went off immediately. Can you relate?

13 thoughts on “Today I’m exhausted…

  1. Looks like I wasn’t the only one tired today. Jeff Goins is tired too. 🙂
    Maybe we all have the full moon hangover. Don’t know about you but if you’ve ever worked in a hospital you know that more babies show up to be born, the emergency room is typically full and the psychiatric units seem to get more patients. It’s true, ask some one who works in a hospital. Have you experienced the full moon effect or hangover?

  2. Oh dear! Regular caffeine doesn’t bother me like that, so I rarely have that problem. But, I have had a time or two that I was wide awake. A hot steamy shower usually relaxes me to sleepy mode. Here’s hoping tonight is much better!

    • Hi Susan,
      You lucky! I wonder what it is with our systems that will allow caffeine to effect us differently? It is a stimulant. Reminds me of that line out of, “You’ve Got Mail,” where Tom Hank’s, as Joe Fox talks about selling legally addictive stimulants at the bookstore. 🙂

      • Yes, I remember that part. 🙂 My hubby is the opposite of me – if he has even one drop of caffeine after 2pm he will be up all night. So odd, I too wonder what exactly makes us affected.

  3. Jill,
    I frequently have insomnia when I drink too much caffeine.Maybe a hot cup of Sleepytime tea would work. The format of The Quill is lovely! I look forward to more!

    • Hi Vicki!
      So fun to see you here. And you’re right, Sleepytime is probably what I should be drinking. I love the taste of regular tea though and decaf in fine I just sometimes go on remote control and pay the price.

      Hey, you worked in a hospital what do you think about the full moon events? You’ll have to look at some of the other comments to know what I’m talking about. 🙂

  4. I can totally relate, Jill. The other night I remembered I had taken non drowsy cold medicine before bed. Nota good idea. I saw most of the wee hours crawl by on my bedside clock. No sniffling, though! 🙂

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