Life’s A Challenge, Don’t Give Up

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This month at Christian Fiction Online Magazine you’ll find the latest article I’ve written entitled, Challenges of the Writing Life. I thought it would be useful to open up a discussion around these issues.

When I write an article for CFOM there’s no place to really talk about it and get feedback. I’m so far from being the best I can be and there’s so much I want for my writing life and life in general.

Everyday struggles may take different shapes for each of us but we still strive to do our best for our families, our employers, and the books we write. Too often we neglect ourselves in the process and I think it’s so important to find little ways to improve, small changes that will eventually turn into exciting, fulfilling accomplishments. Yes, I’m a bit obsessed about the whole the thing.

Whether you want to quit smoking, get in great physical shape, write a thousand words a day, date your spouse (it is the month for romance), or just grab hold of that fluttering elusive peace in this busy world, I encourage to take the time to start. It doesn’t matter if you’re just thinking about writing your first book, written, The End, for the first time or the 100th time Take stock of what’s going on with you and make your world a better place. It’ll spill over into everything you do.

So please read the article and then come back here and comment on anything that comes to mind regarding challenges you face as a writer or challenges you see your friends trying to overcome. Maybe we can find a way to help each other.

Your thoughts are encouraged and valued.


2 thoughts on “Life’s A Challenge, Don’t Give Up

  1. I came to your website after you commented on my “Struggling with Stigma” blog post. I am so intrigued to see all that you are doing with your writing, particularly your novels. I am also a great fan of English Literature, especially Victorian. My favorite authors include George Eliot, Thomas Hardy, and Jane Austin. I am excited to read one of your books. I am curious to see how you have incorporated a faith persecutive. My faith was an important aspect of my memoir “A Passion Long Endured: A Story of Hope for the Depressed,” and I am not sure if that has been a barrier to finding a publisher. I am pressing on however! Hope you will keep in touch. May God bless you and your writing.

    • Hi Lisa!
      What a pleasant surprise. So glad you dropped by. I would encourage you to pursue your passion. Hopefully, you’ll find the right publisher but if not then indie publishing may be the way to go. Don’t get discouraged just plow ahead.

      Love your list of authors. I’d add the Brontes in there too. :)

      Your memoir sounds like it could have great potential and great reach for hurting people.
      Stay in touch.

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